J. eats podcasts in huge bites—in the gym, on his bike, in the car. He’s shared a few sticky things from a clinical psychologist, writer and speaker who challenges him. Put your shoulders back (bravely face the world and your difficulties), and creativity is a powerful antidote to depression. I’ve gotten…

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I feel like I went to church at The Blue Room and there were a thousand points of light to illuminate and connect what has been on my mind. We went to hear live R&B. The man on the stool next to me in the sort of makeshift balcony assumed…

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A table talk with my baby grand

Our daughter Jordan and I took the streetcar to the city (historic farmers) market last Saturday. So many growers. Types of produce so unusual and fanciful they looked like they should be sewn on hats. Riots of flowers, all just $10 a colorful bunch. Every ethnicity. Every opportunity to feel…

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To the junk boys, with love

Moving is oh, so hard. I have just spent a year editing furniture, art and accessories. In the first 30 minutes of our well planned and, to my way of thinking, organized move, our familiar mover Dax (familiar because he has helped us over the year of editing) told J.…

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