What’s your weather?

I love nature. Dew on roses in early morning. Vast fields of sunflowers raising their heads. The chorus of cicadas in summer. Rhythmic winds that sound like ocean waves. They’re harmony. But wind also destroys and water rushes in and rises. Fire and ice.  J. will sometimes ask me, based…

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architecture Juliet Rome
Aspiration, Lifestyle

Form and function, sure, and what about me?

We’ve all heard the famous axiom of Chicago Architect Louis Sullivan (1856–1924): form follows function. Frank Lloyd Wright elevated the teaching of his mentor to argue over his lifetime of work that form and function are one. So many others have argued that what we create must be aesthetically pleasing—beautiful—and…

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Earl Grey with my tête-à-tête, please

I have loved tearooms and the tea experience all my adult life. Sunday high tea in Stirling, Scotland, in the home of an elderly woman after a walk around the village green was high adventure—and a cheery, calming presence—for a young, newly arrived college woman.  J. and I fell in…

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