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You are in my marrow, downtown. I love the first light of the skyscraper that is my tall neighbor in the morning darkness like I love the setting sun. I will miss the hiddenness of this place, the easy anonymity, the strangers who are friends in the minute on the…

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Keep Your Story by Juliet Rome Lifestyle Blog
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I’ve just spent the past several months in a wormhole of dizzying deadlines. Call it serendipitous, or by the hand and divine interests of the Creative Director of our lives, pages of story are tacked to all the walls of that underground place. There is the very high word count…

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Someone asked me what happened to Juliet Rome. Musing about beauty seems small and inconsiderate in the context of a border crisis, new global tensions, civil unrest and more discordance than I’ve seen in my lifetime. They are a dark subtext for pretty words. From our tree house I watch…

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