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I need to finish paginating (appropriating pages of content) a 56-page magazine for a client today. Our senior art director declared he won’t design another page without knowing what he’s got to work with. He’s dual-designed every page he’s touched as both left- and right-facing because I haven’t done what…

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I’ve been thinking about those old, deeply patinaed French shutters, cleaned to a not-quite-but-near-boring finish. So much time at home…staring down the old proverb (Parkinson’s Law) work expands to fill the time allotted, making sure I don’t bill one unnecessary minute to a client project…I’m thinking about the patina of…

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A table talk with my baby grand

Our daughter Jordan and I took the streetcar to the city (historic farmers) market last Saturday. So many growers. Types of produce so unusual and fanciful they looked like they should be sewn on hats. Riots of flowers, all just $10 a colorful bunch. Every ethnicity. Every opportunity to feel…

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