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I love to water plants early in the morning before the heat sets in. I remember a misty morning as a child, swinging, watching my grandmother water her flowers. I hope they were roses or peonies. I remember a friend telling her young son there are places in the world where a bath is a luxury. In his sweet nighttime prayers he began to thank God for water.

We have spent a career building brands, shaping what companies and leaders look like and do to build influence. Coached many to understand who they are and who they are not. To find their lane and thrive in it.

Like a water wand with adjustable spray head, that line of pursuit has been the thing we get up and use to direct others to find success. We’re in the years though where one begins to think more about significance. We are a mist. Here on numbered days. Balancing on scales that suggest that to whom much has been given, much will be required.

I am considering that the only thing that really matters is that we find the things we love the most, that bring us the most joy, and do them. If who we are is most about whose we are … and he is love … we can trust that our unique, God-given interests, gifts and talents best direct the full spray of our attention.

In the pursuit of purpose and any endeavor to leave footsteps behind us for those who follow, we can just water.

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Laurie Carney is a strategist, writer, editor and account executive in her professional life. She is at home with her husband Jeffrey, also a strategist and creative director/writer, and silly rescue Poshie, Bonnie (aka Golden Bear). She has four beautiful children now that her son and daughter are happily married and three tiny grands playing starring roles.
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