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An older gentleman friend once came to dinner. It’s always fun to have someone tell you they’re comfortable in your home, so I’ve not forgotten his musing about the masculine touches he said were grounding to him. I do love eclectic style and neutrals, and I’m sensitive usually to whether…

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This is a story I’ve wanted to share for months. I’m motivated because there are loose threads of it everywhere I look. My mother continues to gift pieces of favorite collections. J.’s dad gave Alex an archival album filled to overflowing with collected clippings from every golf tournament he ever…

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Inside 30 minutes I answered—easily five or more times—the same questions. Touching our rescued-from-consignment, restored antique pine dining table and motioning to the places around it, did you bring this furniture with you? Oh, I can see you sitting here and your husband sitting there and your friends around you.…

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To the junk boys, with love

Moving is oh, so hard. I have just spent a year editing furniture, art and accessories. In the first 30 minutes of our well planned and, to my way of thinking, organized move, our familiar mover Dax (familiar because he has helped us over the year of editing) told J.…

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I have a love affaire with tables

I’ve prized them in our home through life. Our first table, an iron, glass-topped, hexagon gem, was a garage-sale find that fit perfectly in our cozy townhome. Our French dining table and chairs were my heartthrob; in recent years, as I tried to sell them, they became a nonstarter. Paint…

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