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Sun Peaking Through Juliet Rome High Street Photo

I said hello early at the crest of the street. Brisk, isn’t it, I said, annoyed I was up and out so early and not wearing enough layers for the temperature. Yes, I love it, she replied from under her cap with the fur ball pom. Turning back, my ugh changed in a hot minute to wonder at this morning’s weather and the compelling upbeat of a few-seconds greeting.

She is on my people-most-to-be-admired pedestal this morning.

Independent spirit in spite of losing a spouse

Steeply educated and a learner

Volunteer to the people, we know, because she crossed paths with us once dressed as a museum docent

Governs and leads what I know can be a mulish crowd

Moves from hiking boots to “heels” with aplomb

Consistent notes…interested, pleasant and kind, ranging to spicy and modestly stern when the occasion calls for it

Travels at length, across ocean bodies pre-pandemic to higher street numbers now

Person of faith, we know, as she once welcomed us to her church

Works with her hands. She made us masks in March

Kindred spirit. I once got a sneak peek of her bookshelves

She gets a good weather report. Haven’t yet seen cloudy or overcast on her radar.

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