We can get it wrong, our understanding of who the giants are among us. We celebrate, of course, intellect, great gifting, art and accomplishment, pillars of industry and commerce. They make our world a better place.

There are some, on the other side of adversity, who make us better for their openness to share their lives. We stand on their shoulders to see how hard, sometimes, dignity is won. How it can be won when the odds are not in our favor, but One is.

She stood lithe and lovely in the small crowd. No pretense. No posturing. No deflection. Bare faced , she looks into you instead of away.

Poised beyond her years, not retreating from those who know how hard she fell.

All love, no ruin. All light, illuminating the possibility that to tell the truth invites others out of hurt and shame and soil.

She is beauty and courage. Gentle witness that we can rise from the ashes of affliction to become stronger and new.

Radiant girl, she stands so tall.

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Laurie Carney is a strategist, writer, editor and account executive in her professional life. She is at home with her husband Jeffrey, also a strategist and creative director/writer, and silly rescue Poshie, Bonnie (aka Golden Bear). She has four beautiful children now that her son and daughter are happily married and three tiny grands playing starring roles.
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