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Muddling blackberries is a thing for cocktails. Google and see great recipes. Living in a disordered or confusing state…a muddled life…not so much.

I am learning to rewrite the narratives in my head. If I had a quarter for every time J. has said there’s another narrative for (another side of) that, I’d have a summer farmers market produce fund. Early this morning I realized this difficult time in every one of our lives isn’t just a hazard; it’s a crystallizing…unmuddling…of things. We’ve had to learn to sort essentials from non-essentials, necessities from luxuries, productive activity from needless motion. We’ve been forced to abandon folly like so much chaff in the wind.

We’ve always coached our kids to recognize the fork in the road, and because we come to those turning points so few times in our lives, to be deliberate and choose carefully. As I look at my own choices for spending time and money I’m reminded of the value of the windshield wiper phenomenon (when an idea, theme, emphasis, vision for something, etc. repeats itself in our heads and hearts constantly over time, geography and events).

Taking my own advice, I’m looking at the windshield wiper occurrences in my own life right now. They help me prioritize what’s next. There are two safe recipes for moving ahead with caution. J emphasizes accountability. Tell someone what you’re thinking and begin the conversations that might lead to confirmation or affirmation of the idea. The other is due diligence…doing the homework that will give you a litmus test for the motivation, timing and relevancy of the thing that’s swinging back and forth.

A wise man once said, “when you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Which fork are you taking?

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